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Organic Ethyl Alcohol (ethanol) Hemp Extraction Method

This is a much slower process in comparison to the popular C02 extraction method, but this is undoubtedly the best and purest way to enjoy the full benefits of Cannabidiol and actually, the hemp plant in general without THC.  This process is amazing, which is what sparked our Aromatherapist to use CBD from this extraction method in her high quality products.  

This is the premium extraction process and is rarely found from a retailer stand point.This extraction process brings the hemp plant and the organic (food-based) ethyl alcohol to a very low boil. During this low heat boil, the hemp plant is actually cradled back a forth in the kindest way possible.  As the plant mixes with the ethanol and as the slow rocking creates natural friction (molecule movement), it will gently produce a vapor that is just full of all the benefits that one could naturally and organically extract from a hemp plant and Cannabidiol.

It's super effective at not just getting the CBD out of the plant but also extracting all of the other great compounds from the plant like the terpenes, CBN, and Vitamin E. I like the full spectrum aspect and the potency of all of these things together. I think it makes for a better extract overall.

The care that goes into this extraction process, along with the quality of the product being the #1 goal at hand, is what makes this the absolute best way to produce a health and wellness CBD product.